Airships That Carry Science into the Stratosphere

01 Artist's renderingSource: – The New York Times

By Joshua A. Krisch

Modern Research Borne on a Relic

Airships are dusty relics of aviation history. Lighter-than-air vehicles conjure images of the Hindenburg, in its glory and destruction, and the Goodyear Blimp, a floating billboard that barely resembles its powerful predecessors.

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From the archive, 20 August 1936: From New York to Frankfurt on the Hindenburg

Hindenburg Dumping WaterSource:

Wonderfully smooth compared to aeroplane travel, one has a feeling of complete security, says reporter on board the Zeppelin.

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Boston’s First-Ever ‘Blimp Parade’ Will Fly Over the Hub Tomorrow, August 27


Tomorrow expect to see several blimps flying high over Boston!

An official source tells us that the Hood Blimp will be joined by the DirectTV and MetLife Snoopy blimps for a historic flight over the streets of Boston Wednesday from 5 to 6 p.m. This event will mark the first-ever blimp parade in the Hub.

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Goodyear’s Wingfoot One christened, makes inaugural flight

SONY DSCOn Saturday August 23, 2014 Goodyear’s newest airship, a Zeppelin LZ N07-101, was christened as Wingfoot One and made its ceremonial first flight.

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Heroic Australian airship pilot Michael Nerandzic honored with the Star of Courage

Pilot Nerandzic sqSource: The Daily Telegraph –

By: Richard Noone – The Daily Telegraph

• Wollongong man died at Reichelsheim Airfield on June 12
• Was world’s most qualified airship pilot with 12,300 hours experience
• 53-year-old was piloting A60 Lightship which caught fire
• Lowered craft to within two meters so passengers could jump
• Instantly pitched 50m in to the air and crashed in fatal fireball

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